Twins of different decades

As a twin myself I tend to notice news items regarding twins. It’s funny that I just had a conversation with my daughter about the possibility of twins being born on separate days because this headline popped up on Fox News this morning: “Identical Twins Born in 2 Separate Decades

Identical twin boys in Florida will get to celebrate their birthdays individually after they were born in separate decades.

Margarita Velasco delivered the twins by cesarean section at Tampa General Hospital.

Marcello was delivered just before midnight. His twin, Stephano, was delivered just as the new year began.

While it will be more of an oddity than a real game-changer, it will cause a few double-takes that they’ll have to write completely different years when the date of their births comes up. (And the mandatory “Dude, your Mom was in labor for a year?!?” jokes practically write themselves.) I’m curious about what happened that made a cesarean birth necessary at 10 weeks early and I hope both the boys and their Mom are OK.

Welcome to the life, gentlemen!