Candace Strother officially announces candidacy for the LCRC Chair

I received an e-mail this afternoon from Candace Strother announcing her candidacy for the chairmanship of the LCRC. The letter referenced a web site for Ms. Strother ( and, in looking there, I see that the letter has been published online. I’ll therefore link to it directly and excerpt it here:

I am running for LCRC Chair because I believe it is imperative to keep the momentum going from our tremendous wins statewide and the gains we made here in Loudoun County. I believe that holding to our core values and promoting the central conservative issues of fiscal responsibility, limited government and lower taxes is the winning model, as it was for the McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli ticket. I believe there is still much to do to grow that model at the County level. I believe I have the experience and the leadership necessary to deliver this strategy and most importantly, expand the grassroots organization and unified team effort put in place by our outgoing Chair, Glen Caroline.

Kudos to Ms. Strother on 3 counts: 1) Announcing her intentions clearly and in the open, 2) replicating all of her public communications on a publicly-accessible site, and 3) having the grasp of modern communications and grassroots tactics to have fired up a web site to begin with. Sounds like someone serious about the effort she’s preparing to undertake. I like it.

Taking a look at the list of people supporting her candidacy, you cannot deny she’s got support from a wide swath of current and former LCRC members as well as folks from both Virginia government and the private sector. As it was with Glen Caroline, the diversity of background and opinion represented in that list speaks well to Ms. Strother’s ability to bridge divides and forge a focused coalition. We’re going to need that. I am hoping to meet with Ms. Strother personally after the holidays and hear her intentions first-hand.