LCRC Chairmanship race already generating attention

With the announced intention by Glen Caroline of not seeking re-election, the chairmanship of the LCRC is open to all comers. I really hadn’t given it much thought after Glen’s announcement but decided to ask around for opinions starting last week. Since then, 2 names have come up and it’s still before Christmas!

One of the folks mentioned is Candace Strothers Strother and, while I’ve never met her myself, she comes highly recommended by people whose opinions I value greatly. Recently, another name has come up (mentioned at The Bulletproof Monk and Too Conservative): Mark Sells Sell. I have to be honest in that I don’t really know Mr. Sell, either, but that’s likely the result of my focus in the past year on getting our candidates elected in 2009. Both of the aforementioned blogs are definitely not in Mr. Sell’s camp but I’ll be keeping my mind open on the matter. Certainly that should be the course of action for anyone who’s never met either candidate.

More to come as more comes along.

(Thanks to Loudoun Insider for letting me know that neither of these folks’ names end in “s”. Whoopsie!)



  1. Let me muddy the waters a little bit more, Ric. BOTH of these contenders supported Cuccinneli way prior to the Convention. If one of them is more conservative than the other, it’s going to be by a mere 1/4″.

  2. I thought size didn’t matter. đŸ˜‰ The way I’ve been hearing it, conservative credentials aren’t the issue with these folks, it’s all about leadership and the ability to form/maintain/motivate a cohesive coalition. Your comment falls right into line with that so I’m thinking that issue’s settled. I’m looking foward to hearing more. I take it you heard that Candace Strother’s issued a formal announcement on the matter? (

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