Verizon finally bringing FIOS to my neighborhood. Crews laying the optical fiber now.

A couple of weeks ago I got a flier at the house from Verizon saying they were preparing to bring FIOS to our neighborhood. Having heard that before I didn’t hold my breath but something about this notice was different. They went into great detail about how they needed to lay the optical fiber into the yards and how they were going to make every effort to disrupt as little as possible. Maybe, I thought, maybe this time they mean it.

The day before yesterday I saw the crews working in the back yards of the cross street near my home. I awaited the cable cut that would take out my TV and internet but it never came. Neither did the water main cut or, worse, the gas line rupture. Once they were complete, they covered everything back up and, unless I knew exactly where they’d been working I believe I would have had a tough time telling they’d been digging.

Yesterday, it was our turn.

That’s the hole dug with the boring unit down in it. They dug every 20-30 feet and ran a bore hammer from 1 hole to the next. This morning I took a look out there in the full sunlight and you literally can almost not tell they were there. They did a great job and my neighbors and I are giving FIOS some serious consideration.



  1. If you have a chance to get FIOS, do it! I can’t recommend it highly enough. I wish I could get it where I live now because it was the best internet I ever had. The TV with DVR was good too. They will give you a great introductory deal that is well worth the price.

  2. That’s good to know, thanks for chiming in! I was going to start soliciting opinions on the matter so I’ll chalk yours up to a definite thumbs-up. đŸ˜‰

  3. Ric, my fist job (back when I hadn’t even graduated high school) was with an outfit that buried telephone cable. The boring units back then were merely for driveways and street crossings. Anything more from those relics was considered cruel and unusual.
    Step forward in technology to this day when the boring heads are able to be STEERED while they’re underground.
    And 20-30 feet was a precaution. Those programmable and steered units can go 300 feet and more. They probably had to install their terminals at the short distances.

    Are they still running the fiberoptic up into the truck to do the splices?

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