LCRC Chairman Glen Caroline will not seek re-election to Chair.

It’s been almost 2 years (and actually will be on Friday) since I first wrote about Glen Caroline. He had been mentioned to me by a friend as someone who might be able to repair the fractured LCRC and actually give me a reason to become active in the local committee again. Since his election as Chairman in early 2008, Glen’s managed a remarkable turnaround in the LCRC’s fortunes and guided the committee through some very tough times and on to a tremendous victory this past election. We have been benefited greatly from his leadership.

While I’ve seen the energy he brings to the Chairman’s role and taken note of his intensity and drive, I’ve never forgotten that this was a man who stepped up to serve because he recognized that something needed to be done, not because he liked being the Chairman.

As the saying goes: All good things…

On Glen’s Facebook page, he’s posted a letter announcing that he will not stand for re-election to the Chair this upcoming March when the LCRC’s reformation Mass Meeting will be held. From that letter:

Now, looking forward, I am re-assessing my priorities, which are basically threefold:
Continue to work to be a better husband and father and spend more time with my family;
Improve as an employee in my professional life; and
Do the best I can with another volunteer passion-youth baseball.
As I make decisions on what else to take on in the immediate future, I calculate those decisions through these three prisms.

As such, I have determined that running for re-election as Chair of the LCRC does not enhance, but rather detracts from, those three priorities. Thus, I am announcing that I will not stand for re-election as your Chairman.

This is not a decision that I took lightly, nor is it one that I made in haste, as throughout 2009, I had been praying, contemplating, and evaluating whether to run or not. In early 2009, while I was wrestling with my future decision, I pledged that I would not stand for re-election only if we succeeded in the November elections. Though I equivocated many times during my soul searching, with the overwhelming positive results on Election Day, the obvious and correct decision for me and my family emerged.

There’s much more to the letter and I’ll leave it to you to go have a read at Glen’s site.

For my own part, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to Glen Caroline. What we needed at the time, he provided and continued to provide over the course of his term. Moveover, he demonstrated that we have the ability to work together in common cause, that we have more in common than we have different, and that when we focus on those common interests and express our ideas in positive light we can win elections. We can make our communities better places and extend that out to the rest of the Commonwealth. These were and remain precious insights and gifts. Our thanks is the least we owe Glen Caroline.

I’ve already mentioned that saying about all good things. Dedicating ourselves to continuing in the spirit he displays would be a fitting thanks, indeed. Glen, I appreciate your efforts over these past couple of years and I wish you well in pursuit of those priorities you mentioned.



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