Guilty of failure to buy

With the passage of the Pelosi version of “healthcare reform” details are starting to come out about what Congress has in mind for you. For starters, if you refuse to buy health insurance of a type and quantity Pelosi and crew think you should, you can get jailed – for up to 5 years.

That’s what a 1st-time offender convicted of rape gets.

That’s starting to become a construct, now, in pithy sayings flying around the Twittersphere. Erick Erickson had something similar to say over at RedState.



  1. BPM
    Ever tried fighting the IRS? They don’t take prisoners, and they WILL get their money, plus interest and penalties. That’s who you will have to fight under this ridiculous bill. I’ve never known anyone who has won that fight.

  2. When I leave this earth, I’m doing the rest of you a favor. I’ll take 30 or so of the biggest assholes WITH me.
    LL…you know that someone has to show up to find me when I’ve ignored the letters, right? Pity them.

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