DC sniper Muhammad's played his last stalling card (Update: Clemency denied)

DC sniper John Muhammad’s played his last card with the courts as the US Supreme Court has refused to block tomorrow’s execution. The Court issued the refusal with no comment given as to why it refused. Of course, we all know perfectly well why they refused: the man’s as guilty as it gets, his crime warrants the punishment, and nothing has to come light to suggest either of those assertions aren’t true.

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine still has Muhammad’s clemency request on his desk and, in spite of assurances that he won’t approve it, he could still set aside the execution. I’ll believe he won’t when he issues the denial but nothing has changed that would render his grant of clemency as anything but a severe miscarriage of justice.

It’s time. He’s had his days in court. Get it done, Virginia.

Update: Gov. Kaine has reportedly denied the clemency request, making good on his previous word that he’d do so. Good for you, Gov. Kaine. The execution is scheduled for 21:00 this evening. Enjoy hell, slimewad.