Loudoun goes red for 2009; Greason stomps Poisson; Loudoun's HoD slate all GOP (Updated!)

(Virginia results map from the SBE)

For a state we were told had “gone blue” last year, the map’s looking mighty red to me today. Of particular note are the 4 counties and 3 cities most people think of when the term “Northern Virginia” is used: Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William counties and the cities of Fairfax, Alexandria and Manassas. Of the 7 locations, only 2 – Arlington County and Alexandria – went for Deeds. Loudoun, Prince William, Manassas and – horror of horrors for the Dems! – Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax all went red for Bob McDonnell. While Fairfax County was close (51%-49%) all of the others were decisive and, I’m proud to say, Loudoun was especially so with McDonnell taking the election by 61%.

The election of Tag Greason as the Delegate for the 32nd District in Virginia’s House was the hands-down blowout performance of any of the local House of Delegates (HoD) races where the seat was contested. Dave Poisson’s campaign of deceptions and personal attacks blew up in his face, big time, seeing him lose to Greason 57%-42%. In a word: not-even-close. Crushing. Blowout. Busted-‘im-up. And after seeing the slime this gentleman threw at Tag Greason, I have to say it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. I’m looking forward to hearing about Delegate Ward Armstrong, the House “now-a-lot-bigger-of-a” Minority Leader, chewing on that one as Tag Greason gets sworn into office.

Poisson is reported to have thought Greason would need “a flood” of voters to unseat him. Should have spent that money on a life-vest instead of a bogus attack ad, eh, Mr. Poisson?

By the way, a concession and a congratulatory call are considered customary and good form when losing an election. Poisson has done neither and is refusing to return calls to reporters. I guess we’re all aware, now, of the caliber of the man’s integrity. Fair enough. Good riddance, Mr. Poisson.

Greason’s victory over Poisson was the star performance of the night for Loudoun’s HoD slate but it sure wasn’t a solo act. Every single District that touches on Loudoun County saw the Republican candidate either keep his seat or take it from the incumbent Democrat. I’m guessing that State Senator Mark Herring – Loudoun’s only General Assembly seat still held by a Democrat – is feeling like he’s suddenly developed a target-shaped tattoo on his forehead. Well, allow me to reassure him.

You have. And our GOP county chairmen have proven to be excellent marksmen.

As I said a couple of days ago, this was an excellent victory for my fellow Republicans. What we must do now is what Tag Greason said at his victory party on Tuesday night. Honor, he said, was doing the right thing when no one else was watching. Our Republican elected officials must display that honor and integrity as they go to Richmond to convene the General Assembly again. We ran on the issues and we attacked Democrats where they failed to address those issues, or addressed them wrongly. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into their bad habits. We must give the voters in Virginia all the reasons they’d need to cast their next votes in support of our ideas, our values, and our drive to handle what issues may come.

Update: In a note I got from Tag Greason, I learned that Dave Poisson apparently sent what Tag calls “a gracious note of congratulations” on Tuesday night following the announcement of the results. Good for you, Mr. Poisson. Shows some modicum of etiquette, even if that apparently eluded you during the campaign. Good luck in your private life, sir, and g’day.



  1. Ric- great Stuff.

    Should we be surprised that David Poisson did not call Tag to congratulate him on his victory. He was probably embarrassed to do so. He should be embarrassed. This guy was nothing the Democrats and his supporters said all these years. He was supposed to be an honorable decent man. He was supposed to be a moderate, a centrist interested in the kitchen table issues. We now know this to be BS. He was and still is a leftist. He is a Dick Durbin Democrat. Like his former boss, he is a flaming leftist and forced to hide his political DNA due to living in Virginia. It was only a matter of time before voters caught up the the fact that Poisson was not what he said he was. Then comes the mailers, the dirty gutter politics he was willing to resort to in order to keep his seat. He was willing to falsely tarnish Tag Greason’s reputation while bringing pain to the Greason family . All so he could retain some political power in Northern Virginia.

    David Poisson’s supporters were hood winked during his two terms in the House of Delegates. They though they were supporting a man of character, a moderate who cared about Northern Virginia. They were wrong. Poisson turns out to be just another leftist politician willing to lie and BS his way into office.

    Voters woke up. Good-bye David, don’t let the House door hit you on the ass on your way out.

  2. Poisson lacks courage, plain and simple. He is man with no moral compass. His campaign supporters and the folks at the LCDC should be ashamed of themselves.

    It’s been refreshing to compaign for a man like Tag Greason, I have faith that he will execute the duties of his elected office with integrity and honor.

    Ric, thanks again for putting together the salient lessons from this election cycle. It was a hard slog for Tag and his family, but they stood firm and prevailed – because as Tag said – Good always prevails!!!!!

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