LA Justice of the Peace Bardwell resigns

My focus for the past couple of weeks has been rightly on the Virginia elections but time does, indeed, march on everywhere and some of the items of interest to me that I had posted on previously had some updates. One of those was my commentary on the Justice of the Peace in Louisiana who had made a habit of denying marriage requests from interracial couples. As you may recall, I didn’t hold him or his position on the matter in high regard. Neither did LA Governor Bobby Jindal who called for an investigation and disciplinary action, including the revocation of the man’s license.

Back on Tuesday I saw this report putting an end to the travesty this man represented: JoP Keith Bardwell resigned his post. While I personally think that they shouldn’t have allowed him the time to resign, I’m happy to see him removed. The couple whose request brought this idiot’s actions to light have filed a civil rights lawsuit against Bardwell. I’m no fan of running to a lawsuit for any perceived offense but this is precisely the kind of situation that demands a lawsuit. Bardwell swore an oath to perform the duties lawfully assigned a Justice of the Peace. When you do that, you are expected to perform those duties where no law is being broken regardless of your personal feelings on the matter. If you can’t do that, you have no business being in the office. Bardwell clearly had no business holding the post he did and justice demands that his abuse of that post be answered, publicly and decisively.