Election night very good for 2nd Amendment defenders

One of the things I noted early on in the Virginia elections was the interesting concept that the NRA found both candidates for Governor – Republican Bob McDonnell and Democrat Creigh Deeds, both – friendly to the 2nd Amendment. It’s true. When McDonnell and Deeds ran for the AG spot 4 years ago the NRA actually endorsed Deeds. He was A-rated right up until this past General Assembly when his support for “closing” the mythical “gun-show loophole” dropped his rating to a B, which still ain’t bad. McDonnell’s an A, however, and that’s why the NRA backed him for Governor.

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling is rated even better at A+ while his Democrat opponent Wagner was a solid F. Like McDonnell over Deeds, Bolling crushed Wagner at the polls. AG Ken Cuccinelli is likewise an A+-rated official and he stomped all over Democrat Steve Shannon, rated at a D.

Across the board in the statewide elections, defenders of Virginians’ 2nd Amendment rights won their races by commanding margins. It gets better, however, as David Kopel writes over at the Volokh Conspiracy:

In the Virginia House of Delegates, five Republican challengers with A ratings ousted Democratic incumbents rated F,F,B,B,B. A C-rated Republican also unseated an F Democrat incumbent. The House of Delegates already had a fairly solid pro-Second Amendment majority, so the major change in Virginia is a new Governor who, like  former Governor and current Senator Mark Warner (Dem.), will sign rights-enhancing legislation passed by the legislature.

By far the most prominent gun control advocate on the ballot this year was Jon Corzine (F). This summer, Corzine twisted lots of legislative arms to win enactment of gun rationing (“one-handgun-a-month”), a silly law that is even sillier in New Jersey, where every handgun purchase requires advance permission from the local police chief. With Christie replacing Corzine, New Jersey gun owners can hope for benign neglect rather than active hostility. The New Jersey Assembly appears to be unchanged.

Yes, indeed. A good night for the 2nd Amendment. I’m looking forward to the General Assembly handling some long overdue business in support of our 2nd Amendment rights now that we have a Governor who will work with us instead of against us.



  1. Agreed ! The NRA played an important role in this election. Their support was pivotal in getting grass roots volunteers energized for these races. Gun rights moved forward in the House of delegates as well. Getting rid of David Poisson was a major move in the right direction in that Poisson was an anti freedom, anti gun rights vote.
    Glen Caroline in his position as Director of Grass Roots at the NRA played a major role in getting the NRA on board and working to remove anti freedom Democrats.
    A true champion of Gun Rights in Virginia is our new Atty General, Ken Cuccinelli. Ken was endorsed by ALL three major gun rights groups in Virginia. These organizations know Ken’s history and his ability to articulate our message in Richmond.

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