Decision time – Virginia election 2009 Updated

The polls opened up at 6:00 this morning here in Virginia and I can tell you from direct observation in Loudoun County that it was early, dark, foggy, and cold! While the turnout seems light at present the energy level among those coming to vote was fairly high, particularly for we Republicans. Our coverage for the polling locations looks pretty good. I’ll leave it to the end of the day for the final reporting but it sure seems to me that the Dem coverage of the polls is pretty light. When I went to vote this morning at my polling location there were no Democrat poll workers at all.

Early this morning at the Algonkian Elementary polling location (where I’m working today) John Geddie of the Loudoun Independent showed up. I had a chat with him and he offered to take a vid of me with a message for the voters. It was pretty dark out there but I think it turned out well. Have a look here and scroll down to the 6:00 am updates – I’m down there with the early-bird stuff.

More to come later…

Update: It’s almost 2:00 pm here and we’re past the ½-way point. Energy among the Republican volunteers is high and the people heading into the polls appear to be drawn to our message. Time will, of course, tell.

The day started off with Mary Beth Greason at my polling location and Tag Greason himself is there as I type this update. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great day!

Update 2: The polls have now closed and we await the results. The State Board of Elections has a wonderful map tool up and running and it’s showing the results as they come in. Check it out here. I am headed down to The Dock in Lansdowne to join with my fellow volunteers for an evening we hope is going to be fun. I’ll post more later.