This time tomorrow…

We’ll have made the decision by this time tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll know the results by the time 11:00 pm rolls around or so. The SBE has made a number of improvements to their web page, such as this map-based results page. I can only hope they’ll keep it updated through the night.

In past elections I’ve been at my keyboard watching those results. This year, I’m headed to The Dock at Lansdowne to enjoy the company of my fellow volunteers and that of Tag Greason and family. We’ll see the results come in together. I’ll post more after that.


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  1. Ric,
    I’ve been wanting to meet you for months so I am very happy to hear that you will be at The Dock tomorrow night. I will be helping Kristen run the party so I will be there early, after spending a few hours covering my poll. Please ask someone who I am so I can tell you personally how much I enjoy your blog.

    It’s going to be a GREAT night! As Loudoun Lady said, if God’s in His Heaven, our man Tag will win!

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