Last SurveyUSA poll before tomorrow's elections: McDonnell by 58%.

SurveyUSA has Bob McDonnell winning tomorrow’s elections by 58% to Deed’s 40% according to their final poll of this election cycle. Bill Bolling is in similar shape, winning his contest over Democrat Wagner 57% to 41%. AG candidate Senator Ken Cuccinelli holds the largest blowout percentage, holding 59% versus Democrat Shannon’s 39%, a +20% lead. And that’s assuming things don’t get even worse for Team D in the next 27 hours. Might be a long day for them.

I will be working a polling location tomorrow and will likely update things via my Twitter feed. I will try to post a few blog updates in between my shifts.

As I have done during this entire election cycle, I urge my fellow Virginians to vote tomorrow for the people who have consistently shown they have the plans, the drive, and the integrity to address the issues facing us.  Those are:

Bob McDonnell for Governor
Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor
Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General

…and, for those of us in the 32nd House District:

Tag Greason for Delegate.

Links to their sites are over there to the right and it’s not too late to get up to speed on their backgrounds and positions. For our neighbors, I’d recommend these:

13th: Bob Marshall
33rd: Joe May
67th: Jim Lemunyon
86th: Tom Rust

Get to the polls, folks. Our futures depend on it.