DPV: Deceiver Party of Virginia strikes again

(Greg Stone, LCRC, has something to say to the Poisson campaign)

As we enter the last weekend before election day we’re being treated to a barrage of political mailers, as is usual for this phase of the election cycle. As I noted last week, the Democrats this year have apparently decided that engaging in deception is their best bet to win. They’ve clearly decided to go all in on that strategy so we should just call them what they are: The DPV – Deceiver Party of Virginia.

While there are examples of this kind of pattern of deception in nearly every race we’re looking at in this part of Virginia, I’ve been watching the truly egregious examples of misleading information about Tag Greason, candidate for the 32nd District Delegate seat. As I mentioned last week, they’re throwing everything they can think of at Greason and making quite sure we voters aren’t getting all of the facts. In the mail – again – is the gossip-rag bogus allegation about the misconduct charge made against Tag Greason in 1994. The mailer is put out by a PAC called “A Strong Majority” and it’s one of a series of mailers that all tell you that it’s “shocking” that Greason was charged and then casually neglect to mention that the charges were dismissed because no evidence was ever advanced to support them. Different mailer, same song and dance. Same deceptions.

Now, I’d like to take a brief moment to say that Dave Poisson has put out a notice that he “unequivocally denounce[s]” the mailers and is quick to point out that his campaign didn’t produce them. The man behind the PAC who did is none other than Delegate Ward Armstrong, the House Minority Leader since February 2005. That’s the Leader of the Democrats in the House, of which Dave Poisson is one. There is absolutely zero chance that Dave Poisson doesn’t know Armstrong and an equal chance that he hasn’t been in communication with him during this election cycle. If he truly “unequivocally denounce[d]” these mailers, he could simply pick up the phone, call his House Leader, and tell him to knock it off. The mailers keep coming so Poisson clearly hasn’t done anything besides send out a weak e-mail.

Great leadership, there, Dave.

The DPV themselves followed up that act with a mailer today attacking Tag Greason over his staunch defense of the 2nd Amendment rights of Virginians. In it they give a soapbox to Joe Samaha, the father of Reema Samaha, one of the slain Virginia Tech students gunned down by Seung-Hui Cho in 2007. Samaha wants us to “vote no on Tag Greason” because Greason would oppose legislation “closing” the mythical “gun-show loophole.” Such a stance, he says, is a disgrace to his daughter’s memory. And that, my friends, is yet another deception.

As has been explained literally hundreds of times to these people, Cho didn’t buy his guns at a gun show, he bought them in a store and was subjected to the background check these people seem to think is a magic panacea for mentally-deranged violence. The DPV, via Joe Samaha, are riding on the backs of the fallen to mislead us on yet another topic and they are hoping that this pile of deceptions will be enough to distract us from noticing the 1 thing they hope we’ll miss. That’s the fact that Dave Poisson’s record in office has been sorely lacking and his 1 major push in 4 years has been to find a new way to tax us even more than we already are.

We’re tired of the deceptions and we’re tired of people promising things – lower taxes, a clean campaign, etc. – they have no intention of ever providing. We need new leadership, new representation in Richmond and for the 32nd District, that’s Tag Greason. Get to the polls on Tuesday and vote for Tag Greason, Delegate for the 32nd District.



  1. Poisson deserves everything he gets, he’s a Goon from the DPV’s Goon squad.

    The more people I talk to about the PAC mailer, the more I am convinced that this line of outright lies is working against Poisson. The funny thing is, I think if Poisson had come out strongly against the content of the mailer – issued an apology to Tag – and asked for the mailings to stop – he probably would have gained votes. Sadly, Poisson has no courage and no moral compass, but what he has is sick friends with bad ideas. His supporters are no better than he.

    The people of the 32nd aren’t buying it, Dave.

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