Deeds campaign already conceding?

There is no indicator whatsoever that Democrat Creigh Deeds is in such good shape that he doesn’t need to get his name and his message out to as many Virginians as he can over the next 6 days. So what does it say that he’s cutting his TV ad budget by over 60%?

Turns out that Creigh “What’s In Your Wallet?” Deeds is cutting his TV ad budget by $700K going into the final week of the campaign and will only put up $400K this week.  According to Chris Cillizza at the WashPo, that will only get him about 20 percent of the ad exposure that a candidate for governor should have in the D.C. market heading into the last week.

It doesn’t say “confidence,” that’s for sure. Unless what you’re confident in is that you’re about to get thumped badly and you don’t see the point in throwing away good money. That’s what the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) appears to be doing. As reported at the Virginia Virtucon link above, the DGA has already “moved on” (pardon the expression) to working to support the Colorado Governor in his 2010 re-election try. When your alleged supporters won’t even stick around long enough for you to give your official concession speech, that’s pretty cold.