Washington Examiner: Energized VA Republicans roar back to life

By Barbara Hollingsworth:

Turns out that the widely reported demise of the Grand Old Party in Virginia last November was a tad premature.

Buoyed by gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell’s double-digit lead in the polls and the White House’s public spanking of Democrat Creigh Deeds, Republican strategists predict they will retain all their seats in the House of Delegates, where all 100 members are up for re-election. And they might even pick off a few Democrats in Northern Virginia, which just last year was written off as a virtually impenetrable Democratic stronghold.

Indeed. I like this part:

Vanderhye is not the only Democratic incumbent in trouble less than a year after pundits proclaimed that their first presidential victory since 1964 had permanently tinted Virginia blue. So are Dels. Chuck Caputo, D-Chantilly, David Poisson, D-Sterling, and Paul Nichols, D-Prince William, who are facing unexpectedly stiff opposition from Republican challengers Jim LeMunyon, Tag Greason and Richard Anderson, respectively.

When we speak to our values and we emphasize our ideas to handle our common needs, the message resonates with our fellow Virginians. When the Democrats respond with deception and no better approach than to simply raise taxes and spend it on things we don’t need, they get the kind of results they’ve gotten thus far. The only poll that counts is just a week away, folks. If you haven’t already done so, get informed and vote the candidates into office who have both a vision for the future and the right approaches to get us there.


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