DPV going after Cuccinelli on gun issues

It’s understandable, given that Dem candidate for AG Steve Shannon has demonstrated a profound lack of understanding of the law (the Melendez decision by SCOTUS was no big deal to Shannon but it was a very big deal to anyone who knew the law) and of the Attorney General’s office in particular (Shannon can’t tell you the divisions of the AG’s office and what they do), that the DPV would then try going as negative on Ken Cuccinelli as possible. Going after him on gun issues isn’t likely to have the effect they want.

The mailer I got today deals with the DPV trying to turn Cuccinelli’s vote on SB1257 into an alleged desire by Cuccinelli to “give a gun to a violent felon”. Of course, that’s not what SB1257 was all about and the Democrats are confident you won’t go looking to catch them in their deception. (Seems to be a pattern this year.) SB1257 was one of those attempts to “close” the mythical “gun show loophole” and Cuccinelli, like most people who are actually informed on the matter, voted against it.

There is a huge difference between keeping a gun out of a violent crook’s hands and criminalizing your Dad’s attempt to buy a hunting rifle off his own brother or next door neighbor. The crook doesn’t care whether it’s illegal to buy that gun from the trunk of a guy’s car. SB1257 would have had zero effect against such things. But it would have placed the onus of a cumbersome regulation onto regular law-abiding gun owners. That’s what Cuccinelli knew about SB1257 as did all the other Senators who voted against it.

Once again, this is a misleading mailer from people who understand they’re in a world of hurt because they don’t have credible plans to handle Virginia’s issues.


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  1. We’ll see what kind of traction this mailer has, probably very little. Steve Shannon has been a dissppointing candidate all around, Ken C is running circles around him intellectually at debates. I feel a little embarrassed for Shannon.

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