Democrats' strategy in Virginia: a pattern of deceptions

Well, I got another mailer this week from the Democrat side of the Virginia political landscape and, yes, it’s another deliberate deception about Tag Greason, Republican candidate for Delegate of the 32nd District. Funded and published by a PAC called “A Strong Majority”, it recycles the gossip-rag rumor-spread of a “story” published in the Loudoun Independent that I wrote about back in late September.

Before I begin, I’d like to really thank the Virginia Democrats for mailing this piece of trash into my home. The next time you feel the need to publish something with boldface, highlit descriptions involving sexually explicit terms may I recommend you send it wrapped in brown paper? That’s the standard protocol for this kind of material, as I understand it. Fortunately, I decided to go pick up the mail myself rather than let my 8-year-old daughter do it, as she’d asked to do. With people like you in charge of printing this kind of crap up, I think I’ll play it safe and keep getting the mail myself until after the elections. Thanks again, ever so much. (Oh, yes, nice touch putting that “unsafe for kids” warning at the bottom of your mailer. Might have been nice if you’d actually followed the advice you so helpfully provided. Jerks.)

The mailer offers up nothing new – it’s the same baseless accusation that the Loudoun Independent repeated: that some woman, allegedly still in the military, accused Tag Greason of misconduct back in 1994. No evidence was discovered then to support the accusation, none was discovered when charges were filed at the US District Court, none was ever discovered during the repeated continuances. No evidence to support the allegation was ever discovered whatsoever during the entire time it was investigated and none was ever forthcoming right up to the day the case was dismissed as being without truth or merit. Bottom line: someone accused Tag Greason of something and never backed it up. It’s easy to conclude why: it didn’t happen.

Of course, the people who published this mailer know that. After all, the story in the Independent grudgingly allows that the case was dismissed with no evidence of wrongdoing offered. Even in Geddie’s follow-up lame attempt at justifying his use of the paper to spread this gossip he concedes that the details of the case support Greason’s denial and not the accusation. The PAC – led by Democrat Delegate Ward Armstrong – references the story itself in the print of their mailer. They know the case was dismissed and they know there was no evidence of wrongdoing but they make the baseless accusation anyway and hide the truth from we voters in Loudoun.

(The mailer relies heavily on the story in the Independent and I’m having a very hard time believing that this wasn’t the intention from the start. The Independent tees this story up for a political group who has nothing to back it up with so that they can then use the fact that it was reported at all to support their own attack. As I said when I was writing about the story, the real news isn’t an accusation for which no evidence was ever offered, let alone confirmed. The real story is who fed this crap to editor John Geddie and why did he decide to run it? Of course, Geddie’s not talking so he must feel we don’t need to know that.)

Between this mailer, the omissions by Stevens Miller about Tom Rust in regards to the autism bill, and the Poisson campaign’s deliberate deception about Tag Greason’s business dealings, the Democrats involved in the races of concern to Loudoun County have engaged in a clear pattern of deception in order to get the votes they need to win. They’re lying and they’re cheating and they think you won’t notice. If they’re doing it here in the campaign, what makes you think they won’t do it in office? What have they already decided to hide from us?

These people do not deserve your vote and they surely don’t deserve your trust. Tag Greason’s opponents, in particular, are engaging in the worst kind of slime in their clear desperation to do something – anything – to get at a candidate they clearly fear being compared to. Mr. Greason has served his country with honor and is stepping up to serve the Commonwealth and Loudoun in the same spirit. Let’s get integrity, energy, and honesty working for Loudoun in Richmond. Elect Tag Greason, Tom Rust, Joe May, and Bob Marshall to the House in Virginia’s General Assembly.



  1. Thank you again Ric. I always enjoy reading your posts.

    I thought the exact same thing when I got the piece of trash mailer with sexually explicit words higlighted – glad my kids didn’t go through the mail before I did! It was gross, disturbing, sick and weird – all at the same time. And who the hell is “A Strong Majority”?

    On some level, I can’t help but think this mailer is a total turn off to voters. It’s so disgusting and ludicrous that it may reflect poorly on Poisson himself, who surely had knowledge of this mailer.

    Hoping you write a post on Poisson missing 250 votes in the 2009 legislative sessions. I sent off an editorial to the local papers and I’m sure you have some thoughts on this as well.

  2. David Poisson has become a desperate and rather wretched candidate. Anyone voting for this creep after this trash being sent out on his behalf should have their heads examined.

    Ric, again as usual very good work.

  3. “Desperate” is indeed the word. If there was anything to this story the other newspapers in Loudoun would have picked it up, and Poisson himself would be talking about it. The fact is that the charge was investigated and found to be without merit.

    What’s happening is that the Democrat’s internal polls show Poisson either behind or even with Greason, and not having anything good to say about Poisson they throw dirt at Greason. Shameful.

  4. What if… A Strong Majority gift-wrapped the sleaze FOR Geddy?? Ever occur to anyone? Their presentation of it would mean zilch…but a Loudoun newspaper printing it before they presented it…now that’s kind of like validation in some people’s minds.

    Poisson has slid down the scales as far as I’m concerned.
    He welcomes TAG to the race back when, and now feels frantic enough to make shit up on the fly…

  5. I heard that a second piece hit yesterday, same group – same story. On top of it some snarky letter to the editor about Tag is in the Loudoun Independent claiming Poisson has lived here twice as long as Tag? I don’t think so.

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