Newspapers endorse Bob McDonnell for Governor

Two newspapers in our area have issued endorsements for Bob McDonnell for Governor of Virginia, the regional Washington Times and one of our local papers, the Loudoun Times-Mirror.

From the Washington Times:

Unlike his opponent, Mr. McDonnell has experience as a statewide elected official running the attorney general’s office and as a local legislator. Instead of building his campaign on how the government can do more by stripping resources from families and private-sector job creators, Mr. McDonnell is leading with ideas on how the state can focus its efforts on the priorities that matter. For instance, if the commonwealth gets out of the booze business, there’s more money to address transportation.

McDonnell not only has experience but he’s got clearly-articulated plans for how to make use of it. Says the Loudoun Times-Mirror:

McDonnell has offered specifics to help solve the transportation mess in Northern Virginia. Deeds, a state senator representing Bath County, prefers generalities and “trust me” rhetoric.

McDonnell has a plan that would draw monies from various sources, including revenue from off-shore drilling and privatizing the state-owned liquor stores. We like his idea to reroute nearly a third of the sales taxes collected in Northern Virginia, about $105 million per year, to go toward highway projects in this region. We also praise him for wanting to dedicate the first percentage of all state revenue growth over 3 percent toward transportation.

While we admire Deeds’ call for a bipartisan commission to study road woes, his plan of action on this issue lacks specifics. We need more immediate action and selecting and convening a commission will waste too much time.

This is the critical piece of the puzzle for voters serious about Virginia’s future. Would you hire a contractor who refuse to tell you anyhing about what he was going to do until after you hired him? Would you hire an employee who would only discuss their intentions after you signed him on? Of course not, but that’s what Creigh Deeds is demanding when he asks for your vote. That’s not the way this is supposed to work and we have the ability to see to it that it doesn’t work that way where the decision of who to vote into the governorship is concerned.

Bob McDonnell is the right decision for Virginia.