Greason campaign responds to Poisson mailer lying about Greason's business standings

Back on October 9th I wrote about a mailer I received from the Poisson campaign regarding the business standings of Tag Greason, Republican candidate for the 32rd District Delegate seat. In that mailer, Poisson made several accusations about Greason and his business dealings that were severely misleading at best and more than likely outright lies. Yesterday I got a mailer from the Greason campaign offering his response to these accusations and while they’re very much like what I offered I think it’s important to hear it from Tag Greason himself. I’ve scanned in the mailer, front a back, and included it in a PDF you can access by clicking the image below. Be an informed voter. And ask yourself why Dave Poisson’s so interested in lying about Tag Greason.



  1. Ric, this seems to be a formula among the overall campaigns.

    Chuck Caputo had a mailer in the 67th (which includes a small portion of South Riding and the area east to the Fairfax line–primarily Fairfax seat) saying that a company Jim LeMunyon had cofounded in 1996 failed to pay business taxes and went bankrupt in 2002—and neglects to point out that he SOLD the company in 2000.

    The new owners got into financial trouble after 9/11, and sold to Dow Corning in 2003, where the company is now solvent, successful and compliant again.

    Just like it was when LeMunyon and his co-investors owned and ran it.

    But hey, it’s just details, right?

  2. Got this mailer too, and was happy to get Tag’s follow up.

    Poisson is a real snake and has the personality of turd. That has no relevance to the discussion, but it had to be said!

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