Contrast between VA's 43rd District candidates is a stark one

Rob Bluey writes about the candidates for Virginia’s 43rd District over at Too Conservative.

Fundraising numbers for Virginia’s 43rd District paint a stark picture between Democrat Delegate Mark Sickles and Republican challenger Tim Nank.

Sickles, a registered lobbyist, is banking on contributions from special interests to fund his re-election campaign for the House of Delegates. More than 84% of Sickles’ funding and 71% of his contributions since Jan. 1 have come from PACs, labor unions and corporations, according to campaign finance data of itemized gifts more than $100. Just 9% of those donations are from Sickles’ district.

The contrast with Republican opponent Nank couldn’t be more severe. Nearly 88% of Nank’s funding and 93% of Nank’s contributions are from individuals — a sign of his growing grassroots support.

Bluey is a campaign volunteer for Tim Nank, you should be advised, but the numbers speak with their own voice.

This story is something we’re seeing across many of the races in the Commonwealth, notably in the AG’s race. Republicans are drawing their contributions from individuals and largely from Virginians where Democrats are not. Follow the link to Bluey’s post and read the whole thing.