Virginia infrastructure gets rated D+ by civil engineers

The American Society of Civil Engineers has turned in a grade of D+ for Virginia’s infrastructure based on ratings in 13 categories:

According to a summary released Thursday morning, roads, dams and schools received the lowest grade, a D-minus.

Virginia’s parks received the highest grade, a B-minus.

Thomas L. Fitzgerald, president of the group’s Virginia section, says infrastructure is vital to the health of Virginia’s economy and the state’s ability to attract business and industry.

Well, we do have some pretty good parks. This rating doesn’t sit too well, especially considering the dead-last position Virginia has in getting and using the so-called “stimulus” money rammed through by Congress earlier this year. Of all the things the stimulus money was to go toward it was infrastructure improvements that most people thought were OK. Fixing and building bridges, roads, rail track, and electric generation and distribution would be just the kind of stimulus we could use – it would employ lots of people and we’d wind up with improvements that would be useful in the end. Virginia could have put those funds to excellent use had our current governor cared to put some effort into doing so.

We have an opportunity to turn that situation around and the ASCE’s report could be best viewed as a wake-up call that action is definitely needed.