DC sniper Muhammad wants clemency

Right on cue, convicted DC sniper John Muhammad’s lawyer has announced that he’s going to ask Governor Tim Kaine for clemency in order to avoid the death sentence handed down on his conviction.

The attorney for convicted sniper John Allen Muhammad says he plans to ask for clemency for Muhammad who set to be executed next month.

Jonathan Sheldon, Muhammad’s attorney, will file the request Oct. 22, according to an announcement on his law firm’s Web site.

Muhammad, who received the death penalty for the October 2002 murder of Dean Harold Meyers at a Manassas gas station, faces execution Nov. 10.

I said when the date was scheduled that they’d try this so I’m unsurprised. To his credit, Kaine has already said that he sees no reason to offer clemency in this case so I don’t believe he’ll do it. That said, Kaine’s done things he’s said he wouldn’t do in the past so I’ll believe he’ll deny it when he denies it. Muhammad has had his fair trail and his appeals. It’s done. Get on with it.