Rust-Miller debate appears to have caught the Miller campaign and the DPV in the lie

Delegate for Virginia’s 86th House District Tom Rust and Dem challenger Stevens Miller met in a debate tonight, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Loudoun County. While I was unable to attend I am hoping to get an after-action report from someone who did attend. (With video, perhaps?)

In the meantime, a reader here posted a comment on my post a couple of days ago wherein I called into question the accuracy of a Stevens Miller advertisement regarding a vote supposedly cast by Tom Rust. The bill, dealing with insurance coverage of autism treatments, was never voted upon either by the full committee of which Tom Rust is a member nor by the House as a whole. The advertisement is deliberately misleading.

The comment, made by reader Rachelfriend says:

I attended the Rust/Miller debate tonight. Miller all but let the cat out of the bag…his ads say “Tom Rust voted against education, choice, and covering autism”, but he basically admitted (in the heat of the moment) that he actually thinks that Rust didn’t put forth enough effort to get the bill out of the subcommittee so that it could be voted upon by the committee. Voting against something is different than not putting forth enough effort (in Miller’s opinion) to get a vote. Unless evidence is shown that there was an actual physical vote, and Rust voted “No”, the only reasonable conclusion is that the Miller/DPVA ads lie. Rust REALLY should make this clear to the voters and use Miller’s own words from tonight to prove it.

And, if so, the ads were actual lies because both Stevens Miller and the DPV know full well what the vote was and who participated. If the DPV and Miller are OK lying to the citizens of the 86th from the start, how do you trust them to tell the truth once in office?

I’ve got direct queries in to the Rust campaign about video or audio recorded of the event and if I get some, I’ll post it here at HoodaThunk?