J. Warren Geurin responds to misleading statements by Stevens Miller, DPV against Tom Rust

Today at this year’s Sterlingfest I had the opportunity to speak with J. Warren Geurin, Sterling representative to the Loudoun County School Board. He mentioned the misleading statements Democrat Stevens Miller and the Democratic Party of Virginia have made regarding Delegate Tom Rust’s stance on education funding. Geurin was handing out copies of a letter he wrote on the subject and I asked to be able to reproduce the letter here, in its entirety. Geurin gladly agreed. So, without further ado I present Mr. Geurin’s letter:

To The Sterling Park Community,

I recently received some misleading propaganda from the Democratic Party of Virginia citicizing Delegate Rom Rust, who has worked hard for 8 years to improve Virginia’s education funding.

The Loudoun County School Board commended Mr. Rust in 2005 for “his vision, leadership, and perseverance” in voting to provide additional state funding to Loudoun County. Loudoun County schools received $6.8 Million in additional funding that year, which helped us compliment local funding of the school budget. Tom Rust has directly lowered the burden that falls to Loudoun property tax payers by supporting the most far-reaching education financing reform of a generation in 2004.

The most egregious statement is where Tom Rust’s opponent claimes he will get “our share” of school funding. He fails to mention that as a County supervisor, he voted to cut our school by $34.2 Million in local transfer just 7 months ago. So, one should ask – who really supports our Loudoun schools? The answer is: Tom Rust.

Since 2005, Delegate Rust’s actions have brought a 97.8% increase in state funding to Loudoun County schools, while our enrollment grew by 38%. The positive changes to our school system balance sheet total $98.2 Million over a 5-year period. The idea that Tom Rust has cut funding to local schools while in Richmond is factually incorrect. The truth matters. It matters more than partisan politics.

Tom Rust is a strong advocate for Loudoun County parents, their schools and our efforts to improve student achievement. His support for improved state funding of education is a hallmark of his service as our Delegate. Tom knows our Sterling Park schools, he knows our community. He is not a stranger to us. Tom will continue work to help us meet the challenges to improve student learing and preapre them for a bright future.

The Loudoun Education Association, the Fairfax Education Association, and the Virginia Education Association have each endorsed Tom for re-election. These three teacher associations recognize Tom’s value to education.

I have worked closely with Tom Rust since he was first elected as our Delegate in 2001. Tom Rust deserves the support of all voters who are truly interested in Loudoun schools.

J. Warren Geurin
Sterling District
Loudoun County School Board



  1. Excellent letter, and good for Mr. Geurin for handing it out at the festival. I hope everyone reads, and shares. Miller’s DPV stuff is a collection of lies on a variety of subjects.

    For a really creepy little ride, see this:


    Miller in a nutshell.

    While I love it that he noodles around saying “we can’t win on the issues that make us Democrats” (!), and “the issues of the economy and jobs that are on people’s minds aren’t issues we can win on” (!), I am amazed at his peroration: “we won’t win on choice, but we MUST win FOR choice! We won’t win on the environment, but we MUST win FOR the environment! etc”

    So, is the message “since we don’t care about what anyone’s concerns are, and no one cares about what our concerns are, say whatever we need to to get into office so we can do what we want”?

    So it would seem from the expensive tonnage of untruth being pumped out on his behalf.

  2. I’m hearing that DPVA has decided to take a rare run at a local school board seat and challenge Warren Guerin in 2011. If Gueirn wasn’t out there spinning Rust’s votes against education–because he has failed to support our education community–Gueirn might have been unchallenged again. That won’t be the case anymore.

  3. Sterling resident, do you mean to say that the Democratic Party of Virginia is going to handpick a candidate in a local nonpartisan school board election because the current holder of the seat DARED to point out the lies being told on behalf of Stevens Miller?

    Glad to know what’s really important to the state party. Thanks!

  4. Well, Sterling Resident, like so much of the Democrat bombast this election cycle you’re big on accusation and pretty light on backing it up. What has Geurin said that wasn’t true? What votes are you talking about?

    I notice you don’t offer any of that information when you spout off your “we’re gonna challenge Guerin” commentary. That usually happens when someone lacks any support for their assertions and I think that’s pretty clearly what’s happening with you. If you actually have any support, feel free to let us all know. Until then, we’ll take the word of someone who’s actually involved in the situation.

  5. Rust has never been able, maybe hasn’t tried, to bring NoVa’s fair share of tax dollars home. If he was able to do that, the local supervisors in Loudoun, Fairfax, PW County would have more funds to pay for our schools. Instead, Rust sides with the Speaker of the House and his downstate Republican friends and shortchanges our schools annually.

    There was also the time where Rust voted against higher ed funding, numerous times actually, and instead decided to fund a confederate memorial, as well as paying for new drapes in his office in a multi-million dollar effort to redectorate the capitol.

    TOm Rust’s choices are hurting us. I expect Barbara to be a partisan hack but I expected more from Ric James.

  6. Did you now? Considering I have no clue who you even are you’re demonstrating some seriously unwarranted arrogance expecting so much as the time of day from me. Save the “disappointed” routine for someone who both knows who you are and considers your expectations to be worth their concern.

    I keep hearing you make the accusations and you still don’t bother to support them. Mr. Geurin makes specific assertions about funding, amounts and budget years. Are you claiming those numbers are incorrect? Or are you just going to flail on about how he’s the wrong choice? You say he’s voted against higher education funding but you offer no examples. If there are truly numerous times this has happened, name 5. Shouldn’t be too difficult…

    …unless that’s yet another unsupported accusation and you don’t really know what you’re talking about. That, I’d believe.

    Come back when you can back up what you’re saying.

  7. Tired chestnut about partisan hack, res.

    I haven’t belonged to the local committee in years, and never to a state or national one, but it makes a nice diversionary projection, doesn’t it? lol

    No, I just live in Miller’s briefly current district, and remain amazed that his total lack of a record is being defended so stridently (and so mendaciously, with big pots of cash–now Soros, too, according to one source. Wow. Big people who don’t live here just love that suit!) so he can climb to greater heights.

    I repeat: creepy.

  8. ANYONE worth their salt in this county KNOWS that Guerin is dug in tighter than an Alabama tick in his district. His parents and taxpayers love the man, because he LIVES in the schools. I dare say that if I wanted to remove him, I’d even have a fit with THAT task.
    Good luck sterling resident….you’re going to need two truck loads of it.

  9. G….
    Just tell Sterling resident the following:

    [audio src="http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Chateau/7296/everyoneisnowdumber.wav" /]

    sterling resident, what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in the room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  10. Also tell Sterling Resident that Mr. Rust doesn’t have an office in the Capitol. So he didn’t vote for “new drapes.”

    For heaven’s sake…here we go again, Miller being negative. Wonder if he is going to tell us what he has done for Virginia lately? Or the 86th district?

    Wonder if Miller has been so busy to see his business appears to still be registered at his “old home” address and ooops…maybe his business license has expired?

    Now, that’s not the kind of leadership we can afford.

  11. Perhaps Mr. Miller will move to Sterling Park and challenge Mr. Geurin for the School Board in 2011. Hard to do, since Sterling Park is in the Sterling District.

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