Poisson goes negative on Greason; leaves important facts out of his story

What is it about Tag Greason‘s political opponents that makes them unable to engage in an issues-based campaign and prefer, instead, to launch personal attacks? Today’s example is from the Poisson campaign, a flier I just got in today’s mail that practically provides its own horror flick sound track.

“He calls himself a businessman…
but Tag Greason has a secret.

Cue that music – duh-duh-DUHHHHHHMMMMM.

Turn the flier over and the title reads, “Tag Greason’s Business Went Bankrupt and Failed to Pay its Debts.” Read on and you see bullet points that talk about the company where he “served as Vice President went bankrupt,” that “his old company ran its balance sheet so far into the red that it owed over $4.4 million in bad debts,” and that “[h]is company” was sued by businesses 4 times where claims on amounts owed came to $144,424.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? You’ll note that I never mentioned what this company’s name was, nor which industry it was in. That’s because the flier never mentioned it, either. They put footnotes at the bottom in small type ostensibly linking to supporting documentation. That’s a cute trick which Poisson’s campaign knows full well offers the illusion of authority. They know most people won’t pursue that documentation. I guess I’m not most people.

One of the 1st things that jumped right out at me was that the footnote “documenting” the bankruptcy refers to Tag Greason’s own public LinkedIn profile. Now, it might be a tad picky, but does information voluntarily placed in a public profile really qualify as “a secret”, as the Poisson flier says? Sounds like Poisson is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Oh, just hang on for a second, this gets lots better.

You see, the company Poisson is referring to is Cable & Wireless, a publicly-owned firm in the telecom/info systems industry that filed for bankruptcy in 2003. That would be about the time the rest of the telecom industry was imploding. Companies like Teleglobe USA, Net2000, and – of course – Worldcomm were all biting the dust around that same time. Tag Greason was the Vice President of Sales and Customer Relations at that firm from January 2002 through December of 2003 when the bankruptcy was filed. VP’s of Sales and Customer Relations don’t generally get much of a say in the operations/production decisions and they usually aren’t seated on the Board of Directors, either. Greason had as much to do with Cable & Wireless’s bankruptcy as you did: nothing.

This entire communication is a giant smokescreen, designed to obscure as much of the facts about this situation as possible. Poisson is taking a cheap shot, telling half-truths and carefully hiding the real story. It’s the sign of a desperate person to launch a personal attack rather than do what Tag Greason has been doing this entire campaign: run an honorable, issues-based campaign that speaks to the voters about himself, his ideas, and his desire to serve as our representative in the decisions addressing the problems we’re facing today. Lies of omission are still lies and David Poisson appears to think you either won’t notice that or won’t care. If he’s willing to do this on the campaign trail, what won’t he be telling us from his desk in Richmond?

What has he already avoided telling us? What half-truths has he already sold to us?

This also speaks to Poisson’s frame of mind. Is he telling us that being involved in a bankruptcy is a sign of a deficient character? Tag Greason’s involvement in this bankruptcy was that he was employed by the company, that’s all. How many of us can say the same? (I can: Presidential Airways, R.I.P. December, 1989.) Is Poisson saying that I’m somehow incompetent because I was employed at a publicly-owned company that couldn’t keep itself a going concern?

Or does he only mean that for people who personally go bankrupt, or whose sole-proprietor business goes chapter 11? In the economic environment over the past several years, we’ve seen scores of news accounts of huge numbers of bankruptcies. Poisson’s feeling is that all of these people are incompetent, inept? Sometimes business just doesn’t work out, but Poisson apparently feels that going into bankruptcy is a personal flaw. Shows some real respect, doesn’t it?

Tag Greason has spoken of nothing during this campaign but his ideas and the issues facing us here in Northern Virginia. He has not engaged in personal attacks but run the kind of clean campaign we Loudouners all say we want.  We need leadership in Richmond that we can trust to stay focused on the issues and that we can trust to be truthful. We need Tag Greason and we should all vote for him on November 3.



  1. Perhaps Poisson should have a resume that is this full.
    Maybe it’s jealousy?
    I’m dissappointed. Poisson once indicated to me that this would be the cleanest campaign in Loudoun.
    Dave, what happened? Are you this desperate?

  2. This isn’t the first time that Poisson’s campaign has come out swinging against Greason. They planted a story in one of the local papers a few weeks ago about an old allegation that was later demonstrated to have never taken place. The left-leaning editorial page of the same issue confirmed that the story was a plant and had no substance to it.

    That Poisson would sink so low in the campaign just proves how desperate he is and in how much danger his seat is. The desperation is completely transparent, and it stinks. Like rotten fish.

  3. Let there be no mistake. David Poisson has embarked on a sleazy campaign in which lies and omissions are his only weapon. Why ? Well Poisson is as we all know a fairly ineffective legislator with a record better hidden than examined. He has very little in Richmond other than to sign on to a series of pretty stupid ideas such as a mileage tax while voting with the leftists in his party who managed to BS their way into office. he being a card carrying member of the progressive caucus is at best a warmed over Dick Durbin wannabe. Add to all of this he has the personality of a baked ham and you have one major political dud.

  4. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Poisson should be ashamed of himself.

    Tag is a classy guy, Poisson has no class.

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