Would incentives by your employer make you more likely to get a flu shot?

My family’s already gotten our annual flu shots. I had bad feelings about them several years ago but over the last 7 or 8 years the flu shots have managed to give us enough resistance to avoid getting the flu. We consider them well worth it in spite of the obvious pain in the… er, arm that they can be.

I read this morning that a company in Baltimore is doing more than just suggesting their employees get those shots. They’re offering incentives.

One Baltimore company is putting a little fitness and fun into getting flu shots.

“If get a seasonal flu shot, you get an hour with a personal trainer, and then if you get a swine flu shot in addition, you get a day off,” says Betsy Charlow of Pinnacle Communications.

Interesting idea! So, would this work for you? Do you get flu shots already? If you don’t, and your company offered some perk if you would, would you?


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