Obama's next industry take-over? News Media.

E Pluribus Unum over at RedState addresses the next of the Obama Administration industry take-overs: the newspaper industry. He starts off with a thought-provoking list:

If you get your news primarily from the typical newspapers and alphabet-soup TV networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, et al) then:

  • Van Jones must be some kind of NBA center or NFL lineman, just like Johnny Malibu, Truck Johnson, or Tractor Traylor.
  • The words ACORN, hidden cameras, underage prostitution, and tax cheating are not especially related to each other
  • Republicans are racists because they oppose health care for poor people.
  • People who protest are racists.
  • But that didn’t become true until this January.
  • Democrats could get more done if those 40 Senators and 178 House Republicans would quit blocking everything.
  • You hear the word teabagger in your dreams, and are unaware of a site called urbandictionary.com
  • Honduras overthrew their president in a coup, but Obama is standing up to them.
  • Hugo Chavez is misunderstood.
  • All the world’s thugs and dictators are now learning to appreciate how warm and fuzzy America is, and at any moment are about to break into Kum-Ba-Ya and will probably wish us Happy Winter Observance around mid-late December.
  • America sucks, but Obama is changing that by apologizing to everybody, and fixing all the broken stuff like the banking industry, the auto industry, the health industry…and anything else he can get his hands on.

He gets into a snark there for the last couple of points but the basic gist is still there. The point is that the aforementioned media sources haven’t been doing a real bang-up job of actually informing people. Or, at least, informing them of anything the White House and the DNC doesn’t want them informed of. But they sure went all out during the election and have continued to provide cover to Obama and his team. In light of that performance and their increasing disinterest in doing anything to actually hide that that’s what they’re doing, their subscriber numbers are going down the toilet. Those numbers are also taking the ad revenues with them. Like any other dutiful political operative, they’ve been floating the idea of a newspaper bailout by the administration.

Well, the Dems are suggesting they do exactly that and the White is “open” to that. Which is to say that the White House would very much like that done. So, get this straight: the Democrats in Congress are suggesting that the government pretty much buy out these supposed news-reporting agencies.

Dare I even imagine the reaction that would have erupted had a Republican Congress suggested a government take-over of newspapers? If, say, George W. Bush had said he was “open” to the idea? Can anyone say “Pravda”?

This is a bad idea, period. You cannot seriously think that such an action wouldn’t result in a clear conflict of interest on any news reporting that even glancingly touched on government actions. Their performance over the past couple of years has been suspect anyway and now they want the government to openly pay for the newspapers to run? Not every paper out there is seeing massive drops like the WaPo and the NYT are. As the RedState article mentions, papers like the Washington Examiner, the New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal seem to be doing OK. Let the market decide what papers make it and which don’t, just as it has for a couple of hundred years. The government – and that means you, Democrats on the Hill – need to keep their hands off.