HCA COPN transfer approved, Inova says they will withdraw their application for competing site

HCA Virginia’s request to transfer their existing certificate of public need (COPN) from the blocked BRMC location to their proposed StoneSpring Medical Center (SMC) was approved today by Virginia State Health Commissioner Karen Remley. This is excellent news.

Inova has announced that they will withdraw their pending COPN application and dismiss their pending lawsuit against HCA. That’s also good to hear. I will be holding any applause over that until after those actions are actually done. Inova has said they would not interfere with HCA’s plans to build a hospital at the proposed site and I look forward to their continuing to keeping their word now that the project is headed toward Loudoun’s Land Use Committee.

Speaking of which, I will expect to see full support for this proposal from the members of Loudoun’s Board of Supervisors who withheld approval from the BRMC while loudly proclaiming that they’d support it if it were only located at some position on the map where the push pins could be evenly spaced. Well, it’s down there, now, so let’s step this up. We don’t need to be waiting another 5-8 years to get the construction started.

More on this as it comes.