DC Sniper Muhammad's execution set for November 10.


A judge has set a Nov. 10 execution date for John Allen Muhammad, mastermind of the 2002 sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C., area.

The attorney general’s office had requested a Nov. 9 execution. But Muhammad’s attorney Jonathan Sheldon says Prince William County Circuit Judge Mary Grace O’Brien delayed it one day.

That’s because Nov. 9 is a Monday and they want government offices to be open the day before in case of last-minute court action.

Oh, I’m sure there’ll be some attempt to game the system by Muhammad and/or his lawyers. He’s had his run. It’s time to be done with this, and him.


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  1. […] I said when the date was scheduled that they’d try this so I’m unsurprised. To his credit, Kaine has already said that he sees no reason to offer clemency in this case so I don’t believe he’ll do it. That said, Kaine’s done things he’s said he wouldn’t do in the past so I’ll believe he’ll deny it when he denies it. Muhammad has had his fair trail and his appeals. It’s done. Get on with it. […]

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