Deeds and VA Dems continue their "free speech for me but not for thee" approach

JR Hoeft over at Bearing Drift has the latest example of sign defacement here in the Old Dominion. This post deals with events in Newport News and, it appears, Deeds campaign staff members were directly involved. There have been more examples of this kind of action recently, this one from Buena Vista taken by Matt Wertman. (Thanks to Ken Cuccinelli for highlighting this.)

Deeds supporters – and other Democrat campaigns, frankly – have this idea in mind that it’s perfectly OK to obscure or outright deface Republican campaign signage. They’re just dandy fine with free speech, as long as it’s their speech that’s free. They’re not so cool with anyone opposed to them having that right. It says a lot about their approach and their antics deserve wide reporting. Not that we’ll get it from outfits like the Washington Post, of course, but we’ll have to do the best we can.