Would you assist Big Brother pertaining to yourself, if asked?

If someone came up to you and offered you the chance to record virtually everything going on with and around you on a day-to-day basis, would you do it? TechCrunch asks that question with regard to a new tech application called a “Life Recorder.”

Imagine a small device that you wear on a necklace that takes photos every few seconds of whatever is around you, and records sound all day long. It has GPS and the ability to wirelessly upload the data to the cloud, where everything is date/time and geo stamped and the sound files are automatically transcribed and indexed. Photos of people, of course, would be automatically identified and tagged as well.

Imagine an entire lifetime recorded and searchable. Imagine if you could scroll and search through the lives of your ancestors.

Set aside the obvious technology hurdles that would have to be managed for a moment and ponder the question the author asks: “Would you wear that device?”

I’ve got to be honest with you folks and tell you how long I had to consider that question before coming to a solid answer. It was about 0.00000275 seconds. Maybe less. And the answer, edited for a family audience, was “No.” While the technical challenges behind such an endeavor are engaging to a wire-head such as myself, the part about this story that was so stunning to me was the poll conducted (and currently still running) at the bottom of that story.

The question is, “Would you wear a life recorder?” Now, bear in mind that this concept of a life recorder is that it’s running constantly. This isn’t a situation where you take it with you to a party, for example, but you take it off otherwise. Or that you only fire it up in the office, never at home. The concept is that it’s running literally around the clock and is with you all of the time. Asked that question, there have been 4,149 respondents as of the moment I’m writing this. The current break in the poll is running 51-49% against wearing one. But note closely: 49% of those responding are saying “yes” that they would wear the device. I’m curious: would you?

Go have a read for the whole thing and be sure to drop your 2¢ on the poll!