Gov. Kaine coming to Herndon but it'll cost you $100 to see him

And that’s $100 per person, reporters included. The folks at the Herndon Observer newspaper ain’t amused:

Having sitting governors campaign for their compadres is nothing new in the world of politics, but allowing a sitting governor to have a private audience with people—not because of the issues to be discussed or the importance of the people involved—simply because they paid to hang out with him, is inappropriate.

Is this how Gov. Kaine behaves in Richmond, holding lunches with lobbyists, influential business representatives or the media solely based on whether they show up with enough cash in their pockets?

Kaine is appearing at a fundraiser for Stevens Miller, a current Supervisor in Loudoun County who managed to locate a house to move into that happens to sit in the very thin overlap of his Loudoun District and incumbent General Assembly Delegate Tom Rust’s GA District. Millers is running for Rust’s seat and Kaine is coming to stump for him. The Observer thinks that while Millers should feel free to restrict who comes to his fundraisers, Kaine’s office should make having the press present for free a gimme. The press needs to keep an eye on our political leaders, the editor says.

I think the editor has answered his own question. Neither Kaine nor Millers wants the press anywhere near the event so they can’t do anything to derail their campaigns. No one should be surprised by this but it’s something you want to remember about these men when it comes time to ask whether they’re worthy of your trust and, hence, your vote.

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