Officer Wesley Cheeks: "It ain't [America] no more, OK?"

At the town hall meeting held by Representative Jim Moran (D-VA) on August 25in Reston, VA a protestor carried a sign that had a picture of President Obama on it. Fairfax Officer Wesley Cheeks, allegedly a law enforcement officer, decided he didn’t like the sign and threatened the protester with arrest if he didn’t put the sign down. In arguing the point with the protester, Cheeks claimed to be able to “charge [him] with anything [he] like[d]” and, when the protester, uh, protested that, even on school grounds, this “used to be America” Cheeks replied, “it ain’t no more, OK?” Observe:

The howling firestorm of outraged anger that would have followed such an stunt at a Republican event were it an anti-Bush protester told to put down a poster with a picture of Bush on it would have been reported coast-to-coast and wall-to-wall. Someone opposed to Obama at a Democrat’s event? Not so much.

Cheeks is a disgrace and even if such a preposterously stupid comment escaped his lips in the heat of the moment, what does it say about what he thinks of his oath to defend the Constitution is this is the kind of thing simmering beneath his surface? He should be suspended while he undergoes additional training about the law and his duty. His bosses should, publicly and in no uncertain terms, denounce his actions and promise the community that they will see to it no such thing will be repeated by Cheeks or other officers under their command.

Congressman Moran, while not personally responsible for the event, should step up and say something, too. He needs to make clear he doesn’t support such a notion as expressed by the police officer tasked with keeping the law at his events. And if he’s supportive of the idea that citizens’ 1st Amendment rights are somehow less on school property than elsewhere will he commit to never holding any such event at such a venue again?

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  1. The howling firestorm of outraged anger didn’t help when such signs *were* forcibly removed from protesters under the Bush administration. By law enforcement personnel. Of course, that was assuming that such protesters were allowed to be within visual range of the event they were protesting at. Or allowed at all. But then, this particular protester didn’t have to worry about that, did he? He could have shown up wearing a gun, too, and been allowed to keep it. You wouldn’t have seen that where Bush or Cheney was showing up.

    Honestly, where were your “1st Amendment” arguments when they were removing people for wearing T-shirts with protest slogans on them?

  2. Man, you just can’t do it, can you? A law enforcement officer makes a statement that this isn’t America any more and so long as his target is someone more conservative than you are you just can’t bring yourself to denounce such behavior. Nothing is ever wrong with overstepping authority with you so long as it’s someone on the right getting abused.

    And what alternate reality have you been living in for the past 8 years? I can show you dozens and dozens of protests against the Bush administration where people – Democrats and other leftist organizations, not Larouche supporters – were hoisting all manner of signs with Bush’s pictures on them and Nazi references galore. People had no issue getting close to his venues with any kind of such vile crap held up in the air.

    And guns? Give me a break. Where did you ever see anyone hassled by the Bush administration over carrying a gun legally in public? Come on, name it and link it. While you’re at it, give us 5 examples of people who had their signage forcibly removed for no other reason than what was on the sign by law enforcement personnel at Bush administration appearances. If it was that common, you should be able to come up with 5 in 8 years.

    What am I saying? You’re not going to respond. And you sure won’t back up your baseless accusations.

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