States receiving unsolicited laptops, refusing them

It’s good to hear, in this age of information warfare, that government agencies aren’t simply accepting what appear to be free laptops sent to them anonymously:

Even during tight budgetary times, a growing handful of state governors are proving too wary to accept laptop computers that have shown up at their offices this month, unsolicited.

Officials in West Virginia, Vermont, Wyoming and Washington state have reported receiving between three and five laptops, each over the course of two separate deliveries — but none had ordered any of them.

“They immediately raised a red flag,” said Matt Turner, spokesman for West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin. “No one said, ‘Hey, we got a free gift.”‘

Good for them. This kind of thing has “Trojan horse” – in more than 1 sense – written all over it. I have no idea what’s on those laptops but I’d love to find out. I know of a few dozen people who’d love to get a crack at them.

If I hear more about this and what’s discovered from them, I’ll pass it along. In the meantime if any of you government types receive what appear to be freebies, remember this story and act with caution.