ICE amends 287(g) agreement with Loudoun

ICE wants everyone who signed an agreement to participate in the 287(g) program to sign onto a new agreement.

The Department of Homeland Security is requiring counties that participate in its illegal-immigration enforcement program to agree to a new focus on violent criminals.

The agency is telling counties, including Prince William and Loudoun, to sign a new memorandum of agreement for its 287(g) program or end their agreements. The program allows state and local law enforcement agencies to enforce some federal immigration laws.

Loudoun County staff and the county attorney are reviewing the revised memo, said sheriff’s office spokesman Kraig Troxell. The memo is also under review in Prince William County, said police department spokeswoman Kim Chinn.

While ICE officials are trying to downplay this as just a matter of administrative details it certainly sounds like they want local law enforcement to ignore any illegals except those that are caught having committed some violent crime.

In other words, the illegal who raped and killed a 14-year-old girl could be detained for deportation by the local sheriff under 287(g) but the illegal who’s been caught driving while intoxicated 47 times could not. At least not until he, in a drunken 90 mph sprint through a 25 mph zone, finally runs over some pedestrian and kills them.

At what point do we get to have federal law enforcement officials actually commit to enforcing the laws?