Obama's approval rating continues to sink – now only 45%

Still better than Congress but Obama’s numbers are sliding down a pretty steep slope:

President Barack Obama’s popularity has plummeted to a record low, with just 45 percent of voters now approving of his performance, according to the latest Zogby International poll.

Asked whether they approve or disapprove of the president’s job performance, just 45.3 percent of likely voters say they approve. That compares with 50.5 percent who disapprove of the job Obama is doing.

That’s from the latest Zogby. They’re saying that the numbers are a strong indication that the push for Obamacare is hurting the President’s popularity.

Update: The latest Washington Post-ABC poll shows his rating at 49%. That’s better than Zogby but that’s down 11 points from the poll they took at his 100-day mark.


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  1. We just lost another dear friend due to the negligence of socialized medicine in Canada. He was sent home and told he just had gas, from his local clinic. Within hours he died of an aneurism. The clinic was crowded with crying babies, etc. and one doctor on duty. Had he had an MRI he could have been saved. Our friend in England had to wait 9 months for open heart surgery! We have lived and worked in 5 different countries and know that socialized medicine does not work. We do not want it!! We do not want it forced down our throats.

    Illegal immigrants should not be covered. We worked long and hard for our life style and have seen to it that we are responsible and have good health care. We are not happy with the direction this President and the congress are taking us. Our ancestors fought in every war this country has fought. We have been here since the 1600’s. There is nothing wrong with God, The Ten Comandments, and hard work. We cannot all support the 50 percent of the population that is not working, it is impossible. There are not enough doctors and nurses to cover 47 million more people!!!

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