Great town hall sign

Simple, succinct, and completely accurate. Add in the fact that it’s a home-made town hall sign – unlike OFA’s and SEIU’s mass-produced Obama campaign signage – and you’ve got beauty in civic activism. Good job, sir!



  1. Inaccurate, but then that’s not the point of the sign. And at least it lacks the swastikas and the Nazi references. Seems like the man might be willing to have an honest debate, so yes, he certainly would be a good model for citizen activism.

  2. If by inaccurate you’re suggesting that the fact that these programs still have funds today is all that’s needed to say they’re not broke, I guess you can say that. Their dire financial status is recognized by every serious economist and fiscal accounting agency involved and they’re all headed for broke very, very quickly.

    Yeah, it’s a good thing that he doesn’t have the swastikas and Nazi stuff. It’s good that we agree such references toward a sitting President are uncalled for and are to be condemned. Of course, the people who were holding those signs up and publishing all of that stuff pretty much moved on to other expressions once Obama was elected. After all, they had been spreading that Nazi stuff around for nearly 8 years, so they were likely tired of it.

    Or weren’t you referring to all of the Bush = Hitler stuff and “jack booted thug” references toward President Bush’s administration?

    Incidentally, the people holding those stupid signs up at these town hall meetings lately are *not* Republicans. They’re supporters of Lyndon LaRouche, a cast-iron idiot if there ever was one. I’m with you that it’s uncalled for but you’re going to have to take it up with them.

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