AARP adding insult to… insult?

AARP has been having some troubles with their membership over their apparent stance on the Obamacare proposal. I say “apparent” because even though AARP’s brass is saying they aren’t endorsing any specific plan at the moment, their actions and words are indicating they are, in fact, supporting Obama’s initiative. The AARP rank-and-file aren’t pleased and that situation came to a head back on August 4th when an AARP meeting turned out badly for AARP. When they offered a “town hall” meeting with their membership to talk about the health care debate, the AARP staff didn’t take too kindly to getting questioned by the members in the room. When the seniors who showed up wouldn’t sit down and shut up, the staff decided to just end the meeting and pack up the microphone.

As a result of their stance and, from the sounds of it, the kind of attitude AARP had on display at the August 4th meeting, about 60,000 members have canceled their membership. I’m not surprised by that, but the story reporting on this has a truly remarkable comment right at the end:

>p?Meantime, the AARP’s image suffered with this town meeting already seen by hundreds of thousands on YouTube.

Faced with skeptical questions from the audience, the AARP representative ends the meeting abruptly. When the discussion continues, she pulls the plug on the microphone.

AARP says for a group with 40 million members that adds hundreds of thousands each month, losing 60 thousand is just a drop in the bucket. But to the much smaller American Seniors Association it’s a flood.

Emphasis mine. Did they really say that? I mean, it might be true that AARP’s got millions of members and that 60,000 is a small percentage of that but it’s a quick way to turn that trickle of cancellations into a hemorrhaging of lost membership to trivialize those people who canceled their membership accounts. Assuming they actually said that as reported, that’s yet more evidence that AARP’s not the friend to seniors that they claim to be.