Bob McDonnell unveils his public safety plan

Bob McDonnell continues to show his leadership and ideas for Virginia’s future. This evening, he announced his public safety plan alongside Republican candidate for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Polly Franks, a national advocate for victims of child sexual abuse.

Highlights of McDonnell’s “Continuing the Commitment to Make Virginia a Safer Place to Work and Raise a Family” Public Safety Plan unveiled today include:

  • Making Virginia the best state in America in which to open a small business
  • Requiring a form of intensive lifetime monitoring of violent sexual predators not eligible for civil commitment but who continue to pose a danger to society
  • Proposing that the penalty for a convicted sex offender who fails to register for Virginia’s Sex Offender Registry be elevated to a Class 6 felony
  • Creating a Domestic Violence Prevention Advisory Board to advise on domestic violence issues
  • Improving the protective order system by clarifying our current laws and simplifying the process
  • Making Virginia’s protective order forms more consistent with neighboring states to enhance cross-jurisdictional enforcement
  • Making the commission of a violent crime in the presence of a child a separate Class 4 felony
  • Expediting the process to remove children from abusive and neglectful homes by having appeals for termination of parental rights go directly to the Court of Appeals rather than Circuit Court
  • Cracking down on career drug dealers by proposing tougher mandatory minimum sentences for repeat offenders
  • Breaking the cycle of addiction by supporting and encouraging the use of drug treatment court programs
  • Increasing mandatory fees for convicted criminals
  • Strengthening the juvenile justice system
  • Supporting growth and expansion of the Commonwealth Challenge Program for youth offenders
  • Requiring juveniles charged with repeat violent felonies to be tried as adults in circuit court
  • Cracking down on crimes against the elderly
  • Combating identity theft
  • Ensuring crime doesn’t pay by strengthening asset forfeiture

Details for all of McDonnell’s plans – in public safety as well as transportation, jobs, energy, education, and much more – are available on the McDonnell web site.