I'm waiting for the Pelosi-Hoyer op-ed decrying protesters at Tancredo's UNC speech as un-American

Former CO Rep Tom Tancredo was at the University of North Carolina / Chapel Hill this evening to give a speech – which he was invited to do by a UNC student organization – when the speech was cut short by a crowd of protesters shouting profanities, one of whom took to pounding on a window there until it shattered. Tancredo left and campus police shut down the event.

Dare I presume that Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer are working on the editorial for tomorrow’s publications denouncing the protesters as un-American?

Show me the town hall meeting being protested by angry voters where the Democratic Congressman had to run for his safety after the crowd began shouting profanities and breaking windows to get at him. Don’t bother: it hasn’t happened. People are angry at these town halls, yes, and some of them have used language that wouldn’t normally get on prime time, I’m sure, but you won’t find the kind of scene that greeted Tancredo anywhere these Democrats are feeling the heat. To say nothing of anyone getting beat up by such a crowd. No, to see profanity-spewing MOBS, property damage, and assault and battery, you need to look at supporters of the Democrats and the Left in general. They make a big show of being offended at having people yell at them but it is they who have set the tone for these past 8 years and it is they who are the ones guilty of the extremist tactics they allegedly deplore.

If they were serious about wanting reasonable debate, they’d line up at the mics and cameras right now to call each and every one of those jackasses in Chapel Hill un-American, unpatriotic mob elements and promise to not take their opinions into account of anything until they back it down. But they won’t. Leftists feel completely justified at shouting anyone down they disagree with and they can’t ever apply the same standards of debate to themselves that they demand of everyone else. Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid, and that wonderful Congressman Scott won’t bat an eye at the behavior of these clowns at UNC all the while continuing to claim they’ve been wronged by not being allowed to speak at length without interruption.