Massive Odnance Penetrator (MOP) – slated to be the largest non-nuke ever built

It’ll weigh 15 tons, contain 5300 pounds of explosives, and be able to penetrate up to 200 feet into a bunker before exploding. The Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) will take the title for largest non-nuclear bomb away from the GBU-43/b MOAB and it’ll do it by a whole lot. MOAB weighs in at 10.5 tons and it definitely not a penetrator. Of course, MOAB is designed for a completely different mission than MOP is so differences are to be expected.

Note, too, that MOP’s weight comes from the penetrator part of its system. The explosives MOP carries are significantly less in quantity than MOAB’s 18,000+ pounds. MOP’s effectiveness will come from getting that ordnance down into the bunker and blasting it apart from the inside.