Deeds dereliction?

Last I checked, Creigh Deeds – the Democrat candidate for Governor of Virginia – hasn’t resigned his Senate seat. So I’m finding this comment by Ken Cuccinelli – Republican candidate for Virginia’s Attorney General and sitting Senator in the General Assembly – as fascinating as Bearing Drift’s Brian Kirwin did.

Ken Cuccinelli “I’m in the Courts Committee working on addressing the Melendez problem, and I’m wondering… where is Senator Creigh Deeds? Isn’t this important enough to step off the campaign trail for part of a day?”

As a Senator in the General Assembly, Senator Deeds has duty to perform and he’s supposed to turn up when the Senate is in session. Cuccinelli has done so. Where’s Deeds? Part-timing it, I guess. Does this speak of performance to come, should he be elected Governor? It seems to be OK with Gov. Kaine, so why not Deeds?

We need something different for the Governorship, Virginia. Bob McDonnell is the guy you need.

Thank you, Senator Cuccinelli, for not forgetting your current duty even as you reach for others in November.