Twitter defends against hackers, goes off-line during the fight (Update)

Apparently Twitter was being hacked this afternoon causing it to actually go off-line. If the attack was launched for the purpose of a denial-of-service, then it was successful whether they gained access to Twitter’s systems or not. If they were actually trying to breach Twitter’s defenses then it appears the DoS situation was a matter of collateral damage.

Update: It was a denial-of-service attack and, according to reports, it was launched at a single person.

Hackers from Russia may have attacked Google, Twitter and Facebook in an attempt to silence a pro-Georgian blogger, it has emerged.

A year after troops from the two countries became locked in a five-day war, the co-ordinated cyber assaults shut down Twitter for a couple of hours and disrupted access for Facebook users.

The technique used involved a coordinated attack sent from perhaps thousands of compromised computers, a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. Investigations are underway.