Latest poll release shows McDonnell ahead by double digits in Virginia Gov race

As I mentioned in my last post (on a decidedly different topic) Public Policy Polling released their latest Virginia political polling results today and the numbers for the GOP side of this upcoming election look pretty good. Via Bearing Drift:

Bob McDonnell: 51
Creigh Deeds: 37

Bill Bolling: 48
Jody Wagner: 34

Ken Cuccinelli: 45
Steve Shannon: 32

The full results are available in PDF format here. This is no time for Republicans to let up on their efforts but it’s a good moment to reflect on what it is that’s resonating with Virginia’s voters right now. Bob McDonnell has put forward real plans and real leadership in matters that really matter to Virginians: jobs, transportation, energy, education, and protection of Virginians’ rights and sovereignty. Deeds’ record and plans consist of little more than raising taxes. Keeps holding that record up and that gap will increase until November when the only survey that counts gets taken.