Microsoft looks to make upgrading to Windows 7 painless in the pocketbook

One of the many reasons folks have decided to leave off upgrading their (now) fairly stable Windows XP boxes to Vista was definitely one of cost. Vista was just too bloody expensive to shell out for when the best you were being offered was a slightly prettier desktop. Once reports of stability issues, compatibility issues, and general asinine re-arranging of well-established features started to roll in, the cost became a secondary though contributing factor.

I mentioned in an earlier posting that I’ve been getting reports from beta-testers that Windows 7 is a pretty good O/S. Microsoft was already looking to handle the cost issue by releasing Windows 7 at about $200 a copy, a full $40 cheaper than Vista when it was released. Now comes word of a new licensing pack available that might make it even more compelling for those of us with multiple computers in the house:

The upcoming Windows 7 Family Pack will be priced at $149.99, and it will be available for purchase in stores upon the operating system’s Oct. 22 launch, Microsoft said this morning.

The Family Pack, which will let PC users upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium on up to three existing Windows Vista or XP computers, represents a discount of more than $200 from buying the Windows 7 Home Premium upgrades individually.

That price is for an upgrade to an existing system, of course, and not the $200-per-full-install I mentioned before. Still, for a family with an older kid in the house with a laptop of their own, this pack permits a full-sweep upgrade of a husband’s, wife’s, and kid’s system for a very attractive price. Not a bad gimmick, if I’m going to be honest, and one that might just convince me to upgrade a little sooner than I might have. I’ll keep an eye out for more.


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  1. Walt Mossberg at the WSJ reports that updating from XP requires a completely clean install, wiping the hard drive. Microsoft probably needs to make this even cheaper to make it worth that kind of effort. It’s almost better to just buy a new computer.

    I’ll stick with OS X.

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