Most transparent government ever deliberately hides report in attempt to buy time for Obama's agenda

An expected budget update issued by every modern administration is now, officially, late. The midsummer update was to have been released at mid-July (that was just shy of a week ago, now) but it’s being “delayed” until mid-August by the White House. Coincidentally, it will be released after Congress recesses for August. Anyone who wonders why isn’t paying attention. From theblogprof:

There was supposed to be a midsummer budget report released a few days ago, the middle of July. But Obama has conveniently hidden it away for an extra month. Why? Health care legislation. Global warming cap-and-trade legislation. He is hiding the fact that these initiatives, futile as they are anyway, simply cannot be paid for under any scenario whatsoever. Not the best-case rosy scenario that Obama and his minions painted back in February, and certainly not under the worst-case, which is far closer to where we are. The White House has been forced to paint an economic picture that is at best smoke and mirrors, and at worst an outright fraud. Recall just the other day I wrote a post regarding Larry Summers gauging economic improvement by pointing out that fewer people are Googling “economic depression.” (Moving the goal posts: Obama measure of stimulus success: fewer people Googling “economic depression” ) Summers is supposed to be a smart guy, but the claim is beyond absurd. But with the economy as it now stands, he simply has no good news to bring forth, and thus has to make stupid claims like that one to try and paint a better picture.

Obama knows that the report will show his administration’s assertions about the budget, about unemployment, about the economy in general have been wildly off-base, as predicted by… well, anyone who’s not on-board with Obama’s agenda in the first place. He knows that if the public gets a look at that report his chances of ramming a socialized health care system down our throats will be just about nil. Ditto his cap-and-trade fiasco. He’s also looking to protect his fellow Dems in Congress to whatever extent possible or, at least, keep them from getting pressured while they’re still in session and votes are still being taken.

Which is also why he’s so adamant that a vote must come before Congress recesses for August. See how that hiding the report thing is working?