Obama's "reaching out" and "wanting bipartisan support" doesn't mean he's working for cooperation

Obama’s trying to spin his crashing failure of a healthcare “reform” bill into a kumbaya “let’s work together” moment.

President Obama and some Democratic congressional leaders had pledged to involve Republicans in health care reform negotiations, but it is looking increasingly likely that bipartisanship will be among the casualties of the rush to approve a bill.

Bipartisanship was a casualty the moment the newly-inaugurated President dismissed the need to actually take Republican concerns seriously with his contemptuous “I won” comment. His attitude hasn’t changed since and the fact that he’s calling for “bipartisanship” when what he means by that is that he wants the Republicans to shut up and sign on doesn’t mean he’s interested in cooperation. Quite the opposite, to my perception.

The President’s plan for healthcare is a disaster and there are plenty of examples of his approach both in history and currently around the world. We don’t need to wonder if it is and we sure don’t have to inflict it upon ourselves. If the President wants bipartisan action that’s good but he needs to show it by incorporating Republican ideas and concerns into the fix.


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  1. Boy, if I were a Republican in the Congress right now, I’d be damned careful not to aid and abet this Charlie Foxtrot…

    I’d make damned sure everybody in American realized it as the Democrat failure it is.

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