Has the time come for LegalCare? (Updated.)

Consider this: A Modest Proposal, 2009 Edition.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Hot Air community, I have discovered an unfair disparity in access to a vital resource based on the economic condition of the consumer.  This disparity is not just egregious, but it threatens the very core of our American way of life.  People routinely get denied adequate and competent service on the basis of their ability to pay, even though they have a right to it, while the rich eat up all the resources with their ability to access the best and brightest in the field.  And in the instance of fairness, the federal government needs to find a solution and impose it on the industry as a whole.

I refer, of course, to legal representation.

Sure it’s satire – a point Morrissey makes at the bottom of the post just to make sure people get it – but it’s good point. I encourage you to read it and think of the broader points, here.

Update: Hey, why not make another proposal? How’s this, from Rep. John Fleming: that any member of Congress who votes to enact a national health care public “option” be required to drop their Federal Health Benefits Program and sign up for that public option instead.