Too Conservative offline?

Yikes, just a day or so after fixing their last problem I see that Too Conservative is now completely off the wire. Hope it’s just temporary.



  1. Unlike the shallow ramblings of one other person on a blog that we’ll call “The Operative Word”, We’ll all just have to fall back on our steady army of other sites, I suppose.
    I frequent some 30 blogs, and there’s plenty of opportunity to parse the Loudoun Situation. It is rather strange, however…that the Operative is AWOL…Tooconservative is blown completely out of the water, Living in Loudoun appears to be headed to the ghostyard, and NTH, you and I are holding the Loudoun front at this point.
    BVBruceLi covers Loudoun stuff sometimes, but it’s rare.

    I was just bragging to Alton Foley(formerly “I’m not Emeril”–currently Eschew Obfuscation– before the Convention that we had 6 great blogs and one liberal farce out this way.

    Now, we’re suddenly down to three.

  2. Why can’t those guys keep a site up at TC? It’s not that hard.

    BM, what do you mean TC is blown out of the water?

  3. Edmund…it’s offline. Out-of-service.Kaput.
    LI opined on NTH that Vince is changing hosts again….
    Sometimes you have to run applications on a test server with a redundant capacity of your previous host until you see how your new host is going to handle problems that arise.

  4. Thanks BM. I was afraid that there may be some personality issues there that took the site off line and not a host issue.

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